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Marina Krim, Mother Of Two Children Allegedly Killed By Nanny, Wrote Loving Family Blog (PHOTOS) (October 26, 2012) (online)

Hassan Hamdy, NYPD Detective Who Shot Unarmed Man, Was Named In Earlier Civil Rights Lawsuits (October 5, 2012) (online)

Noel Polanco, Unarmed Man Killed By NYPD, Was National Guardsman (October 4, 2012) (online)

Occupy Wall Street Lawsuit Alleging False Arrests Names Ray Kelly, Anthony Bologna And NYC (September 20, 2012) (online)

‘Caravan For Peace,’ Led By Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia, Protests Drug War In New York (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (September 7, 2012) (online)

Terence Tyler, Old Bridge Shooter Who Killed Two, Self At Pathmark, Was Ex-Marine, Officials Say (August 31, 2012) (online)

Ting Huan Tai, Charged With $30 Million In Medicare, Medicaid Fraud, Had Lamborghini, Other Gains (August 30, 2012) (online)

Jeffrey Johnson, Empire State Building Shooter, Quiet And ‘Very Lonely,’ Neighbors Recall (August 24, 2012) (online)

Charles Taylor, NYPD Cop Accused Of Raping Teen, Released After Bronx DA Robert Johnson Finds ‘Insufficient Evidence’ (August 23, 2012) (online)

Manuel Rodriguez-Perez, Accused New York City Weed Kingpin, Charged With Five Murders (August 22, 2012) (online)

Hector Pagan Jr., ‘Mob Wives’ Star, Wears FBI Wire, Gets 4 Members Of Bonanno Crime Family Sentenced (August 20, 2012) (online)

Gun Violence: Queens Leaders Call For Increased Patrols To Curb Surging Problem (August 17, 2012) (online)

Jonathan Thomas Picked By Eyewitness In Donzell Rogers Brooklyn House Party Murder (August 16, 2012) (online)

Levi Aron Pleads Guilty To Murder Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky, Will Get 40 Years To Life In Prison (August 8, 2012) (online)

Lloyd Morgan Funeral: 4-Year-Old Shot In The Bronx Was Laid To Rest Wednesday (PHOTOS) (August 2, 2012) (online)

Lloyd Morgan Case: Rondell Pinkerton Charged In Murder Of Bronx 4-Year-Old (July 26, 2012) (online)

Bedford-Stuyvesant Shootings: After 3-Year-Old Isaiah Rivera Shot, Community Rallies For Peace (PHOTOS) (July 19, 2012) (online)

Joey Scott Charged in Fatal Beating of Juan Delvalle, School Bus Driver, After Minor Sideswipe (VIDEOS) (June 29, 2012) (online)

Irving Scheib Pleads Guilty To Trying To Sell Fake Babe Ruth Glove For $200,000 (June 28, 2012) (online)

Dyson Williams Sentenced To 17 Years For Killing Nun In Harlem Chase (June 26, 2012) (online)

Cedric Williams Botched Revenge Attempt, Accidentally Killed Accomplice, Prosecutors Say (June 26, 2012) (online)

Michael Daragjati, Racist NYPD Cop, Sentenced To Nearly 5 Years For False Arrest and Extortion (June 22, 2012) (online)

Richard Phillips, Bronx Contractor, Gets 7 Years For Iran Export Plot (June 22, 2012) (online)

Jacqueline Wesley-Rosa, Landlord, On Trial For Allegedly Shooting Tenant Patricia Wilson (June 21, 2012) (online)

Aljulah Cutts Sentenced To 25 Years To Life In Prison For Murder Of Felix Brinkmann, Holocaust Survivor (June 20, 2012) (online)

Nathaniel Carter Claims in Lawsuit That NYPD Cops ‘Strangled’ Penis (June 14, 2012) (online)

Mustapha Ouanes, Member Of Saudi Prince’s Entourage, Sentenced To 10 Years For Plaza Hotel Rape (June 7, 2012) (online)

Anthony ‘AJ’ Donofrio, Son Of ‘Mob Wives’ Star, Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges (June 6, 2012) (online)