One Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect May Be In Custody, But Confusion Abounds


The two Boston Marathon bombing suspects released by the FBI.

Less than 10 hours after photos of suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one may be in custody and two other shootings — and one explosion — have occurred in the area.

The Boston Globe reported early Friday that a suspect has already been captured in connection with Monday’s horrific bombings, which left three dead and more than 170 injured. The paper said another suspect is still on the loose and police are continuing to canvas a 20-block radius in Watertown, Mass., just nine miles outside Boston. The report comes at the beginning of the paper’s account of a “wild chase” after a carjacking, which came hours after an MIT police officer was shot and killed in Cambridge. After the chase, witnesses told the Globe and The New York Times they heard explosions. One described to the Times that during a standoff between two 20-something men and police, the young men lit a bomb and threw it at the officers. Hundreds of officers may have been involved in the shootout.

A video, taken at at 1:33 a.m. Friday morning, apparently shows the incident, but it can not be confirmed at this time:

One New York Times reporter, Jess Bidgood reported on Twitter that another suspect was also in custody. From the accounts, it’s unclear if the three reports — the arrest, the standoff and the MIT shooting — are related to the attack at the marathon, or even to each other. But still, confusion and speculation are flying on Twitter, with many journalists and commenters being cautious after misreporting Wednesday.

Some are live-tweeting the chaotic scene:

Others are tweeting scanner reports:

But, that still that faced criticism: