What Haters of Rebecca Black Don’t Understand About Media

via Babble

Last week, I finally got around to watching Rebecca Black’s “Friday”  video. After deciding it was one of the most deplorable pieces of media I have ever seen (yes, Rebecca, we know Saturday comes after Friday), I looked at the comments below the video.

While I would normally post comments I originally saw when i first viewed the video last Monday, it would be impossible to go back through and find them (currently, there are more than 1.5 million). YouTube has a new feature that allows you to see comments in Beta, so the site informed me that, since I came to the page, 700 people commented on how much they hated the poor girl. When I turned the Beta on, about three comments appeared every second. Most were along the lines of DaAxoraShow’s opinion:

This is why men have erectile dysfunctions as they get older and why Justin Bieber should be killed

Some people felt bad and responded as HockeyGirl786 did:

why are you guys soo mean? this is actually a good song 🙂

Unfortunately for the 1,641,661 who disliked the video (as of 7:48 p.m. today), Rebecca Black will be one of the richest and most famous “musicians” of our time.

Think about it. One of the rules of any media (whether it be advertising or television) is to make money. Though Rebecca may have serious insecurities after being called a “slut” and a “stupid bitch” by random people around the world, advertisers and media conglomerates recognize that people know who she is. Because Rebecca is recognizable–though most people recognize her as someone they hate–she will get people’s attention on a TV show or Pepsi Cola advertisement. It doesn’t matter that the girl cannot sing.

So my advice for the millions of Rebecca Black haters? Go back in time and DON’T COMMENT. Since time travel isn’t possible, the only solution is to stop. Stop talking about her. Don’t watch the video below unless you haven’t seen it already. Because the more people hate her–the more people recognize her–the more famous and rich she will be. No matter how little talent she has.


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