Feeling Awkward with Twitter

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So it’s become normal for me to update this blog once a month. Which I sort of feel guilty about, but since no one (hopefully I’m wrong) reads this thing and it’s more a diary for myself…who gives a shit.

Last week for Foundations of Journalism (dramatic and totally justified eye roll) we had to read a bunch of articles about the “present and future of journalism.” Most of the articles were about Facebook (and Marky Zuckerberg), Twitter and how everyone is becoming moronic from reading 140 character tweets. It was pretty interesting, and most of what was said was either:

1. Facebook is making us self involved and involved in a self that is completely ridiculous and unreal.

2. Twitter is also sort of dumb, but it’s good to make intellectual connections with people about things.

Long story short, get a Facebook, get a Twitter, if you haven’t already and you want any sort of future in the “media” (whatever the heck that is).

So I had already gotten a Twitter because someone wanted me to “follow” them. About five days ago, I decided to actually put it to use. I have been uncomfortable with the idea of telling people what you’re doing every five seconds since Twitter came out, but it’s changing the way people connect and (unfortunately) I need to jump on the bandwagon so I don’t fall behind. I set up my Facebook account to auto post my Tweets and started…talking to no one about stuff I’m interested in. For someone who has done about 20 Facebook status updates, this idea makes me feel awkward and vulnerable. Like, if someone doesn’t “like” your status you’re a HUGE FUCKING LOSER YOU LOSER so Twitter wasn’t really my thing.

But then I discovered how Twitter, despite the amount of crap that’s there (I mean, how many celebrities can I actually follow and care about. If only Tina Fey kept hers up…which she doesn’t. She’s too busy doing awesome things on 30 Rock.) is perfect if you want to discuss something with people you don’t know. There’s spam, sure (I just got two @AnnieSandie things about Paranormal Activity…fuck that shit man. Hate spam), but if you hashtag stuff that interests you (#journalism, #wikileaks, or #30rock) then sometimes people respond to you, and they actually want to discuss stuff with you that’s interesting.

You might think that you can talk about this stuff with people you know (and avoid the spam and creeps) but you already know what your friends are going to think. I mean, two days in I’m now following some German dude who tweets about journalism. Where would I be able to get his opinion in the normal, non Twitter world? It wouldn’t. I take German class and I would still never have that ability.

So my 5 days of tweeting consensus  (interesting…spellcheck now recognizes tweeting…maybe they think I’m referring to a bird. Hmmmm) is that it’s actually interesting. Intellectual people are on there. You just have to look. And, you know, avoid Snookie’s Twitter (surprising amount of complete crap on that thing. Ugh).


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