Catching Up and the Horse Race

Horse race. Canterbury Downs in Shakopee, Minn...

Horse race. Canterbury Downs in Shakopee, Minnesota. Canterbury Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been about two months since my last post. Whoopsies.

I know when I created this blog I was fully committed to keeping it up. But that was before I came back to school. And somehow got a boyfriend. And started having to write for the school newspaper. And start working as an (obviously) unpaid intern three afternoons a week downtown. Not to mention the fact that, as a result of unfortunate genetic mishaps (thanks relatives), I have to take medication for arthritis that makes me bog-eyed tired all the time.

Something had to go. After three weeks of school–internship–school–weekend–WSN–school–internship, I was completely beat. I was reading my environmental science book when I had a panic attack about a month ago. I didn’t know when or if I would ever be able to have three minutes of totally free time with nothing to worry about. Despite how much I loved working with many of the WSN staffers (you know who you are), it was the only conceivable thing I could quit (and yeah, I regret it). It’s not as if I was going to break up with my boyfriend or quit a job at city hall or stop studying. And I really hated doing that to them because (at least I liked to think so) I was a pretty good deputy. And my quitting made it so they had to find another person to replace me. [Side note: It was even worse because I had gotten a new position that I wanted since last January…and I just up and quit. On another note, I found out a few weeks later that the person I was replaced with quit too, presumably for the same reason as me.]

But yeah. So I quit the paper. And it sucks because now, whenever I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while, they ask, “How’s the paper going?” and I have to be like, “…I quit.” And then I have that sinking feeling again that I made a mistake because I did (and do) like writing articles. Well duh. I mean,  I’m not going to pretend anyone’s really reading this, but I hope that you read the description as well.

So now I’m working for the Manhattan Borough President‘s Communications Office. I’m not going to pretend I love it (it is weird being the other person…and not the reporter), but it’s really interesting. Not only is it my first look at what a basic ninetofive feels like, but it’s nice to know that I have options (since, I’ve heard that no one buys newspapers…oh damn hahaha). And I get to read newspapers (looking for mentions of the BP, of course) during the job, so that’s pretty awesome. Being on the other side of journalism isn’t what I really want to do with my life, but it’s a learning experience.

So, notwithstanding the general crappy-ness of school, things have been good. And I thought, since I had some time, it’d be nice to catch up with myself (I’m not so presumptuous to assume anyone else is reading this).

Last week during the oh-so-important Foundations of Journalism (intro) class, we had a panel discussing off-track betting rates and what not. Whoops. It was really about covering elections (which turned out to be interesting), but one of the panelists kept saying normal election coverage has turned into a horse race…several times.

Though he wouldn’t stop saying horse race, the guy has a point. Mike (the BF) and I were watching the news this morning and all they were talking about was who was “winning” or ahead in the polls. As a voter, I don’t give two shits who’s winning…I want to know why they might be “winning.” And it made me sad. Like really sad. Shouldn’t someone on the news be saying at least one little thing about Meg Whitman‘s position, or something other than Zombie Paladino ‘s hatred or whatever of homosexual people (and apparent fascination with bestiality)?

I feel so uninformed as a citizen, and that’s not really good. I mean, I could go out and type in “Paladino’s policies” in Google (ahh, Google), but why should I have to when there is this strange thing called “news”? Shouldn’t there be some outlet, other than random internet searching, to tell me what the fuck’s going on? I don’t want to hear about how that Delaware lady is a witch or Wiccan or whatever. Who gives a shit. I want to know if she’s going to do something about that Healthcare thing. [I also don’t actually know anything about that either. I mean, the “news” covered mostly how the Dems/GOP was doing this, that or the other dirty political trick.]

Well. I guess I shouldn’t make fun of that guy for his horse racing. He’s just trying to let everyone know what’s going on. Which, is essentially, what I would like from the news–some news.


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