The Cyber Age


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Well it finally happened. I started my very own blog.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I mean, it’s disgusting how much self-promotion you need to actually survive in this industry. You have to assume that people find you interesting just so that they do.

Today not only marks the day I entered the cyber age, but also my last day interning at the Evanston RoundTable. The local paper is great and I love everyone there, but I had to do some serious work to update their facebook page and make it usable. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t know what twitter was until I explained it (after which, the whole idea behind twitter seems a bit dumb to me). Now that I’ve left the RoundTable, I can safely say that I will never have a nicer boss or be more useful at a paper. Unless I start my own or something. The RT was small, so I got to actually do real reporting. Beats getting coffee I think. But now, after being the technology guru at a small paper, I have to go back to school, where I’m less than knowledgeable about how everything works. Great.

Blogs are strange. Hopefully people will think I’m interesting enough to actually read it. Kudos to Meredith if she’s reading this now (fellow RT intern :] ).

So. This blog is supposed to serve as a self-promoter, but maybe it will end up being more than that. I mean, if a lowly high school senior reads this and is inspired enough to go for the journalism major (despite the BS that we have to go through), then I think I’ll have done something right. If someone reads this and decides not to be a journalism major, I think I’ll have done something right, too (less competition hahaha).

Anyway, going to sign off until I have more to say. Globally talking to myself makes me feel like an idiot.



PS: Here’s some of my articles that were published today in the RoundTable. Enjoy!

Vandalism at Dawes Garden Fails to Squash Its Mission

New Direction for Performing Arts Center Project at Old Varsity Theatre Site


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